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mar. 8 sept. 2020 12:58

installation date should be changed

hi, i have installation process tomorrow and i would like to change the date as my keys are still not handed over to me. trying to call customer care but was not able to get through. what should i do now.



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Try again and again, or hope that one official will see your problem.


@Armony V ? @Antoine L ?


I suppose that you don't have a "myvoo acount" yet ?


If yes, you can try to change the date but it's maybe to late (change work for a minimum delay 24h).

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Hi @Rupkay86  !


If you want me to take a look at it, I invite you to enter your customer number in your information in your profile for this Forum and to send us a message again on this topic.


I await your news :)

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hi Gilles N, this is my customer no 0022120394

i am trying to call from morning it disconnects automatically.

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I am finding difficult to contact customer care, and the installation is tomorrow i already told the person who booked appointment for me that i m not sure about when will i get keys and the person told i can change by a call but i m finding very difficult to get connected to a person.