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vendredi 26 mai 2023 09:45

I wish to transfer my VOO subscription to the incoming tenant as I am leaving the country

I am leaving the country but the incoming tenants wants the same subscription - can I transfer over to him?

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I am not sure that it is possible, you seems not to be in the condition to can make it

Taking over a subscription, also called "assignment", is the transfer of an existing VOO subscription (internet, TV, fixed telephony, mobile telephone) to another person under another name. A subscription resumption is possible when:

Takeover of a company
Transfer between inhabitants of the same address (family members)
Both the buyer and the seller must accept the repossession. The buyer agrees to take over all the services and any debts of the transferor.

The buyer of the contract agrees to take over all the services but also the possible debts of the transferor.

(source : Déménagement, reprise, nouvelle installation VOO : quelles différences ?)

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Good afternoon @Latham


As @Marcs mentioned (thank you by the way), it is not possible.

The best course of option would be for the new tenant to make his/her own subscription.

This will allow them to benefit from our offers as new clients :)


If you have any other question, I remain available.

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