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mar. 31 mars 2020 06:24

Can somebody look at this? Thanks!


I know these are difficult times for everybody. But I have asked since last week to cancel my mobile phone subscription through tickets starting of tomorrow but haven't heard anything back from Voo.

Also I am having difficulties with having the name on the invoice changed for me. I already opened multiple tickets to Voo to have the name changed to my legal company name, but up to today no correct action was taken, the name on my outstanding invoice is still spelled incorrectly.

Can somebody please look into this?




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il y a 4 mois

Hi, there are few officials on the forum now, they will sure answer but probably not immediatly.

Maybe @Valérie P can help you.

Don't forget to put your customer number in your profile

(sorry for my "old school English" 😇)

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Thanks Marcs for the reply. Yes, I hope somebody can help me out with this one ;). I understand it's a difficult period, but I have already tried multiple times before the corona crisis to have the name changed in my profile (couldn't do it myself, which is weird), because I was suspecting an issue with the invoice being created with the wrong name. And then it happened and now I'm a bit stuck. Anyways, thanks for the reply!

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Sorry for the delay. I see that your mobile phone number has gone well with another operator at the end of March. Is everything OK there?

As far as your name is concerned, it seems to have been corrected.


Don't hesitate if you have other questions.