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jeu. 23 avr. 2020 19:01

Remote Working - Poor Voice/Video Quality over collaboration tools & Auto reboot of Modem


I have 2 issues happening with my VOO connection -

1. Very Poor Audi & Video quality over MS Teams collaboration tool. Tested on WhatsApp and Zoom, same experience. Voice dropping frequently, Fuzzy Videos, getting poor network quality messages.

2. Sudden loss of Internet because Modem reboots automatically

It is really annoying when you are on important office meetings and either you lose internet or voice quality is unstable.

Fully understand that there must be heavy load on the cable due to current restrictions but are there any works happening or a problem with my connection as it happens consistently?

I just made a speed test on WiFi 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz access points and results attached. 2.4Ghz is the most stable and available WiFi signal within my apartment while 5Ghz is only available nearby to Modem but even on this access point i face Voice/Video quality issues.



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il y a 5 mois

Hi @Shannay,

Audio and video quality issues in video conferencing applications are often linked to slow internet connections.

I will carry out a remote control which will interrupt the Internet signal for a few minutes and I will invite you to test whether the situation has recovered or not.

We are waiting for your feedback :)