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dim. 28 juin 2020 14:05

No internet

My modem is connected but I do not have any internet access. I have been on hold now for over 4 hours and am getting very frustrated. What is wrong with my internet?


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Lionel S

Officiel VOO


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il y a 7 mois



There has been some inconsistencies on the network in your area the end of June.


Sorry about that. This has been fixed, you should enjoy your internet connexion as usual, now.


Have a nice day.

Force & Honneur




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There are no Voo "officials" here on Sunday.

Please phone to the technical service on 078 50 50 50 ( until 21H30 )

Ne travaillant pas pour Voo, mes propos n'engagent que moi.

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Thank you. That is the number I dialed.