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lun. 24 août 2020 18:17

Problem creating account on myvoo

Hello, my name is Rubia Queiroz! 

I'm having trouble trying to create my account on myvoo

My customer number is 0022115497 




Valérie P

Officiel VOO


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il y a 5 mois

Hi @Rubia


There is no email address on file, that's why you can't create an account.
I have added the address of your order ru*****.ch********, so you can create your account with this one :)

Hello, My name is Maxime Hoflack and I have the same problem.

I tried making an MyVoo account but the error says my costumer number is wrong.

Can you please help me, thank you.

My customer number is 0022117379

Officiel VOO


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Hello @Maximehoflack,


Your customer number is valid, however, I invite you to remove it from this comment and place it in your profile directly. This is part of your private data.


I invite you to follow this link:


Is the e-mail address correct: n*****4***** 


Thank you.