VOOcorder problem - mosaic

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I have a problem with my VOOcorder: it gives no more picture, only green/purple (see screenshot).


I have already switched it off and on again (also for longer time), but it still doesn't work.

What to do now? Can it be repaired or do I need a new VOOcorder?

Thanks in advance!



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Hi Frank,

Sorry for the late answer. We’re struggling a bit with the amount of work we have.

I see in your file a technician came by, and fixed everything. Is averything allright, now ?

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Hi Lionel, no technician came by for my VOO Corder. There were technicians working in the street and replacing coaxial cables … so this problem still is not fixed.

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Oh, ok.

Is this issue present on all the channels ? Do you have access to the VOOcorder menus ?

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The issue is present on all channels.

But I do have access to the VOOcorder menus!

When I play an older recorded movie, I also only se this green/purple mosaic. 

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Hello @PA9A,

Maybe the tuner is defect.

I can send you a new VOOcorder to change with your old one.

Where do you want me to send it ?

  • Floral Isa (Aubel)
  • La bouquinerie du centre (Battice)
  • Viselec (Visé)


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Good morning Lionel.

Please sent it to Floral Isa in Aubel.

When will it arrive there (approximately)?

Thanks a lot in advance!



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Hi Lionel, when can I go and pickup the new decoder? Will I get a message when it is in Aubel? Merci!

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Hi @PA9A 

Do you understand french ? there is one explanation on vooassistance but i think this exist only in French.


They speek about a first mail who confirm the exchange, then a second one when the decoder is on site.


Have you looked in your unwanted mails in your mailbox ?

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Hi and thanks for the reply.

No, I did not get any e-mail (I also checked my spam folder).

I checked the link you sent (Google translated it for me :)) Should I wait for Lionel to reply to this thread now or should I call the Technical Service?



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Il think it's better to wait @Lionel S or @Valérie P 

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Hi @PA9A,

Sorry about that, I’m still trying to deal whith the incredible amount of topics we’re late on.

I’ve dealt with the exchange. The new VOOcorder should be available in Aubel at the end of tomorrow afternoon.

To thank you for your incredible patience, and because no one disserve to wait that long for a fix, I gave you a 10 € discount on your next bill.

An email will be sent to give you the details of the swap. But in short : put your VOOcorder in a box with its smartcard and remote, and exchange it with the new one.


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Hi Lionel, 

no problem :) I understand the backlog a service dept. can have as I work in the same kind a department.

Thanks for the reduction though :) Great service !! 

I will monitor my e-mail inbox.

Thanks again!