VOO Representative did not close my acount

I was helped two months ago by Voo represenative “ Marie S, (https://forum.voo.be/members/marie-s-10100). 


I was told that my account would be closed upon final payment and verificion of my move; I submitted a copy of my US passport as I work abroad. and payment was posted on my final bill on Nov 26th.

However the rep never closed the account and I am still receiving bills.


Please help!!

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@Marie S will check what appened


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Hi @calvink,

I did close your account. Your subscription was terminated on November 25th as requested. :)

You are still receiving invoices because you did not pay the November bill. You therefore have an amount of €51.06 to pay for your Pack. As well as 0,23€ to pay for the mobile subscription.

You may check your invoices on myVOO. :)