VOO Cancellation and returning equipment

Hello. I completed the online form and submitted the completed template letter to cancel my internet contract. However, i have had no contact from VOO to confirm the cancellation. I contacted an agent via the phone today and was told that it may take 4 - 5 weeks just to process the cancellation! (and of course i assume VOO will continue to bill me for this period …..)

As i am leaving the country in two weeks when i asked about returning the modem I was told i have to wait for the cancellation to be confirmed (which again could be 4 - 5 weeks). As for returning the equipment i was given no solution (of course). 

Why can't the modem be returned to my nearest VOO store? 4 -5 weeks just to process the cancellation is excessive. 

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Hello @Sophie_W,


If it is a case of force majeure as in your case. A document proving that you are leaving the country (from your commune for example) may be enough to do what is necessary more quickly.


Otherwise, you have to wait for the request to be processed by the contact person sent by form.

We will take into account the date of receipt of the application.


For the return, we have to validate its return on our side only when the contract will be stopped. From then on, you will be able to go to the shop to return it.


If you do not have a document and the cancellation is made only after your departure, you can mandate someone (with a signed writing) to return it to us in your name after the termination of your subscription.