Questions on Products and Speed?

Apparently where I live "1400" I cannot have Telenet, I need to have VOO... for Internet only you offer 'Wahoo' at 125Mbps yet you offer TV+TEL+NET at 200Mbps and call it another product name. With the technology being present to cap at 200Mbps, I would like to have a product for ONLY internet at 200Mbps - since the technology exists, why does the product not exist? Or DOES it? Since this is a possibility, how do I achieve this with your company and how much would it be? Also what strange name would you call it? I propose ChaChoo or ChooChoo (like a train)...

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Hi there,
Unfortunately the issue is not a technological one but a marketing one.
I would guess that the 200 Mbps is only made available for a TRIO pack so as to attract more cash cow customers (the margins generated on a TRIO pack being most probably better than on "internet only" service).
Of course, not being a VOO associate, I cannot anticipate their marketing strategy in the next year(s) and things could change.
But for the time being, your only option to get 200 Mbps is to subscribe to a TRIO pack.

200 Mbps is also available on a DUO pack (Duo Tatoo)
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The explanations for the names are logical in French :$

Todoo ( tout doux) like easy easy
Wahoo is like wow
Tatoo (tu as tout) you have all (what you want)
Thanks for the responses so far, maybe there will be someone from VOO that might ring in here - it seems strange that this seems the only way to get a reasonable response from the company, via social media or the hosted forum. It also seems a waste for me to take a telephone that would never get used and television that others choose the programming for you, in this decade the watcher decides what he/she watches, that is why Hulu and Netflix are so popular.

I suppose the answers are all good, just not what I would like to accept. Living in Belgium seems strange that I am literally 10 KM from Flanders but cannot profit from their infrastructure? Are y'all ALL Belgians? TOO political for me and another topic all together, I agree.

Could maybe a MARKETING or at least SOMEONE from VOO chime in here with the basics? I DO assume getting the 150Mbps will jump to 200Mbps in the next year and also I understand that these speeds are ALL relative on the users and highly theoretical, but come on, what gives? They already have fiber in about all of Flanders... strange.
Those speeds are not theoretical, but real. Saying that Flanders has fiber everywhere is incorrect. households are connected via coaxial cable for most part, as much as Wallonia or Brussels. About not being able to get Telenet 10 km from the border has nothing to do with politics, but the way the network is organised, for historical reasons. Telenet is also available in some communes in Brussels, for example.

For the rest, only a VOO representative can answer your questions...
Hello poissson37,

Our offers will obviously evolve to meet the needs of the majority of our customers. However, I can not guarantee how the Web offer will evolve.

For the moment, to simplify our products catalog, we do not offer tatoo (200 mbps) for internet only subscriptions.

Hope it answers to your question !