Problem with port 80

Hi i received the new modem and i would open port 80 for my website but it doesn't function. with the old modem it wasn't a problem. can someone help me ?

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Hi Mansur,

Does the other port worked ? If so, it seems that th 80 port work as well.

Maybe there is a malfunction in the configuration ?

Best regards
No nothing function. Maybe the problem is here ? look at photo
Hello why nobody helps me?
Untick the first one option that blocks currently your WAN access home OR
you can test if related with FIREWALL then ; allow in the connexions from port 80 (HTTP) and check from online external service scanner btw :
Hi thanks for answering, but nothing change.
I did no have this problem with the older Modem/Router.
And my Firewall isn't the problem.
I have Centos 6.7 Here is a screenshot.
Hi Mansur,

Sorry for the late answer.

In fact, we have the same situation here. We're still looking for an answer. All the configuration you made is perfectly correct.

Can you try to tick the UPnP field in order to activate it and then try to use your port 80 ? It's possible for this port to be already open, but all the sites where you can check if they are won't tell you until it's already in use.

If you find something interesting, please let us know. It can be useful for our investifations :)

Best regards