No internet (plan terminated)

Hello I do not have internet connection, my rooter works and I do not have internet, i do not know why I cannot enter in the internet please fix it asap, the internet is very important in my job
Thank you

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Hello @Panagiotis fountoulakis,

I see you got Jessica on Facebook. She informed you that your line has been terminated on your demand.

We'll come back at you via private message to give more informations if needed. Check your inbox so you won't miss our message. 🙂
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Did you try to restart your modem? Or Ask your neighbors if they were experiencing the same problem, if yes, the problem is probably due to a failure in my opinion following the current hot weather. If the problem is due to a breakdown, the patient is in charge.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

EDIT: message posted at the same time as @Lionel S 😉