Netgear modem doesn't do PAT

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I need to be doing Port Address Translation but my Netgear modem doesn't allow that. According to I can request replacement of my Netgear modem with a Technicolor modem.

Is the price for that still 50 Euro (including installation by one of your technicians) and what is the official process for starting that replacement?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello PA9A,

We can change your modem. This will be free of charges.

I believe Antoine reached you by private message. Is that correct ?

He is on holiday for now, so I'm taking his subjects over. Can you send me your phone number by private message ?
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Hi Lionel,

Thanks for the reply!
I haven´t seen a PM from Antoine ... let me check again.
But I will sent you my phone number by PM.

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Hi @PA9A,

I was away last week, I've sent you a PM on monday, when I came back 🙂
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Hi Antoine and Lionel,

Sorry for my late reply. I was away for a couple of days.

I might have found another solution to solve my problem without the need to change the modem. Should be solvable with a VPN connection. We'll be testing that this weekend. I suggest we 'close' this ticket for now. In case the VPN doesn't work, I will contact you via a PM for replacing the modem.

Thanks for your support!!

Kind regards,