Modem not online

Modem on and offline. Lights flashing and no internet connectivity for 6 days. Tried different coaxial cable and same issue. Have contacted voo customer services several times... no help.

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j'ai signalé votre problème à un officiel VOO😉
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Hello @Modem not online,

We had received your email on 15/11, but we were unable to reach you by phone.

We have noticed a problem in your street and an intervention is planned this day until tonight.
I will invite you to come back to us after the intervention if the problem persists after a restart of your modem tonight, we will check your signal again after the intervention.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
I am having the same problem again. Since Friday. This is unacceptable. I am paying for a service you are failing to deliver! PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP. I also expect a discount on my next bill for the lack of service
No WIFI AGAIN. For the second time in 2 weeks I have no internet. Same issue. Modem on and offline. Lights flashing and no internet connectivity since Friday. Voo apparently fixed it last time. Cannot use my TV, Surround sound, laptop. No offer of compensation on my bill. Please confirm the issue and provide a permanent fix asap.
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Hello @Modem not online,

I note that there is still a major concern about your signal.
At the time of your last contact, an intervention was underway in your region, but I no longer see any concerns in your neighbourhood. It is therefore a concern on your indoor or outdoor installation.

If you have checked the internal connections and everything is well connected, we can arrange for a breakdown service.
If you understand French, you can give me a telephone number by private message.
Otherwise, your availability in the next few days for an intervention in the morning (8am to 1pm) or in the afternoon (1pm to 5pm).