Internet and tv contract cancelled by mistake

please help - English only if possible?

i recently wrote a letter to voo to cancel my mobile contact but they cancelled my internet and tv as well by mistake.

i rang the helpline and they reconnected me but we are still unable to connect.

please can someone come to the house to check our connection?


Meilleure réponse par Emma Porter 18 juin 2018, 14:38

It’s working!! Thank you
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Hi Emma,

What a relief :)

Please tell me if you have any questions left, I'll gladly answer it.

Best regards 🙂
It’s working!! Thank you
OK, I'll see what's happening and will let you know as soon as possible.
please send someone to the house because we still can NOT connect to the internet. I don’t understand why because it looks like everything is working but we can’t get any connection
Hi Emma,

I see in your file that you had contact with the helpdesk on the 15th of June and that my colleague did what needed to reconnect you to Internet and Television. Your contract is now in order 🙂

Your mobile contrat is also cancelled and in order.

Our apologizes for the inconvenience. Please let me know if you have any further question ! 🙂

See you soon,