How to cancel my subscription ?

good morning I spoke with your service clientele over the phone and it seems there is a formulaire résiliation, which however it is impossible to find. the letter template/pdf producer does not work, so I was wondering, if someone needs to terminate the subscription what shall she do?
I have prepared a lettre raccommandée to be sent to Voo Service Client Rue Jean Jaurés 46, 4430 Ans. is that correct?

Thank you for clarifying this for me.

Best regards

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Hi @akshayaavaidya,

I see that your subscription has automatically been terminated on the 30/09.

I'd suggest you confirm your customer number or mobile phone number by private message. Then, I'll send you more details about the termination.
Hi, I would like to cancel my mobile subscription with VOO. I have already sent 2 letters which is of no use. This is very inconsiderate and annoying. I also tried calling the customer care and that didnt work too. What should I do to terminate the contract?
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It should be enough indeed but it depends of the type of cancellation conditions.
You'll get all the necessary informations very soon 🙂
Thank you! I have also sent the letter via my voo/resiliation section..would that suffice?
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Hi Alice,

I've asked someone from the concerned department to send you all the practical informations today.
You'll have all of those infos in a private message ou by the phone 🙂

Let me know if things are still hazy after the explanations !