How can i terminate my home internet subscription?

How can i terminate my home internet subscription?
My Subscription: Pack a la carte- NET wahoo (125Mbps, unlimited)

Because I'm moving out of my apartment on 31/08/2018,
I need to cancel the subscription from 31/08 /2018.

How can i schedule this?
What do i need to do?
Can you help me?

Thank you.

** I am not continuing with VOO in my next house. So, i want termination of the Subscription.

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@MinGyu Kim is it alright now ? Sorry, it seems like he hadn't sent his PM yet when I last answered.
I haven't received any MP.
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You should have received an PM from my colleague Gilles a few days ago, could you check your MP box ?
Hello. Do i need to re post this request? or should i keep waiting?
Thank you @Antoine L and @Marcs I will wait for PM
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Hi @MinGyu Kim,

I won't be able to terminate your subscription myself, but one of my colleague will send you a PM soon.
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You can ask to cancel your subscription here on the forum.

One official from voo will help you to do this, but they need your Customer number, put it in your profile so they only can see it.

I think the answer you tomorow because today they are off duty.