Cancellation and moving abroad


I would like to cancel my Voo subscription. I am comming back to the Russian Federation and I need to cancel my subscription and return back in 3 days. What should I do?

Thank you.

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Priviet 😉

3 days ? its short time to do it i think but one voo officiel will sure help you.

If it is not yet done, write your Customer number in your profile.

I will warn the officiel about your request.

Da svidania
Thank you! I mean 3 working days. I am leaving on Wednesday. If you coudn't complete my request during 3 days I will inform my friends to be in a contact with VOO to finish my subscription.
Also I would like to pay for the Internet that I have used during this month! How can I do it?

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Hello @Oleg,

@Marcs is a client, just like you. He's not able to do anything for you, but to inform you. :)

A colleague will come back to you via private messaging to help you with your request. Check your inbox to be sur you don't miss his message.