Abyssal customer service when trying to sort my billing issues (in English)

I have been a @VOO customer for just over 5 months now. My first attempt to become a customer failed miserably as they supposedly lost my receipt of installation, and thus never turned up on the day they should. This lead on to a long and drawn out scenario which finally culminated in my successful subscription with WAHOO + BeTv. Prior to Christmas I was notified that I had not paid for the month of September. This lead to my checking of my bank records which suggested that there was no error in my payments, so therefore I sent a copy to @VOO customer support. I received the traditional “we will get back to you within 48 hours" automatic email, and received no further information. I am now still being charged for September, and VOO are threatening to withdraw all but basic service. In addition, there are still THREE different accounts registered on my address, despite only myself living here. Has this been resolved?

The most frustrating thing about this entire situation is the lack of bilingual customer service. I have found that if you are unable to speak fluent French then VOO customer service is apparently not an option. I should add at this point that all written correspondence I have attempted with VOO has been written in both English (my mother tongue) and a translated French component. No response. I have called customer support at least four times; on two occasions I was informed that an English-speaking liaison would call back - unsurprisingly, I never received that call. What I did receive was three separate calls from VOO representatives speaking French. I replied as best as I could in French, and explained that I would like to discuss the matter if they can find me an English speaker. The phone was then abruptly hung up on the VOO end of the line. I found this embarrassingly rude for the company to do this not once but twice. I am fully aware that VOO do have English and Dutch speaking staff, as when I made an error in contacting the wrong section of customer support I was notified by a trilingual gentleman who very kindly directed me to the appropriate support area. Unfortunately, no-one in the billing and administration support are able to speak anything byt French, and if they are, they are apparently never available to assist the non-French speaking bill-paying customers.

All in all, I rather hope that one of the @VOO customer support staff can pick up on this rant I have outlined above and can help me to solve this now longstanding issue with my billing. The facility VOO provides is ideal for my purposes and I do not wish to leave the service. I do, however, hope that I can be treated like a valued customer at some point soon.

I really hope noone else on the forum has gone through similar problems - although as I can see from the topics, the lack of English (or non-French) customer service seems to be a recurring issue. Does anyone here have any pointers as to what I should do, given the situation? Or if anyone can forward this very long message to a VOO representative, that would also be of great help. 

Happy new year, VOO forum!

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@Lionel S - I notice that you were able to help another customer in the past few days. Is there any chance you would be able to either help me on the problem detailed here, or could you forward this message on to someone in a position to help. 

Thank you very much in advance

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Hi @ColonialDinosaur25,

I was about to get to this topic. I’m trying to answer to the oldest topics before the newest, and yours is now the next in line. :slight_smile:

Yes, I do recognise we do not have a lot of bi/trilingual staff. We are implemented only in Wallonia, which explains the low need to speak something else than french.

Fortunately, I do speak english decently. I apologise for the mistakes I may do.


So, about the bills. I don’t believe there has been a mistake, actually. This is what has been explained already, but I do understand it was not very clear if not explained in french. Let’s sort it out here.

The bills from November up until now have been paid correctly. So we can put them aside.

However, there are several bills that have not been paid “correctly”. By that I mean we asked for x € and you either paid too much or not enough.

Here is the list of the bills :

  • 26/08->31/08 : 9,44 €
  • 01/09->31/09 : 47,93 €
  • 01/10->31/10 : 75,13 €
  • Total : 132,5 €

And here is the list of payments until Novembre :

  • 18/09 : 47,93 € (so we indeed received this payment)
  • 18/09 : 9,44 €
  • We also gave you a few credit note (corrections and commercial gestures). Total : 30,65 €
  • Total : 88,02 €

So there is 132,5 - 88,02 = 44,48 € missing. You either missed the bill, or you did pay it but forgot to mention the structured communication. If you did pay it, please send me the proof on leforum@voo.eu. If this amount has never been paid, then you must send it ASAP to BE05 0963 6360 0275 with the following communication : +++443/6921/40879+++.

It took me a lot of time to write this and sort everything out. I hope this is clear for you now. :blush:

Dear @Lionel S,

I am grateful to finally receive a breakdown of what the payment of 44.48 euro is for - thank you very much. I also understand that there is less demand for non-French speaking staff at a Walloonian company, although the automatic options on the call service do specifically ask whether the customer wishes to have their query dealt with in French, Dutch or English. Your English and your explanation are very good and I thank you for this.

However, as you will see from my email to leforum@voo.eu, I am still confused as to why I need to pay, because I have paid the October fee (via direct debit) - this payment is confirmed on my MyVoo home-page as "paid".

I hope the proofs I have sent you are helpful, as I would very much like to solve this situation asap.

Thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you via. leforum@voo.eu

Kind regards,

Dr. MacLaren

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Okay, thanks for the proofs. The two payments made on the 25/09 have never made it to your VOO account. They got lost somewhere. This is where the error is.


So… Good news. I should be able to fix this, plus you actually paid too much. This means the next bill will be partially paid with the extra money.


I’ll let you know once i get the billing department to fix the issue and add the money.

@Lionel S,

That sounds very good - thank you very much for sorting this. Now I know where to go if another issue happens! Hopefully not at all!

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Kind regards, @ColonialDinosaur25 

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Hi @ColonialDinosaur25,

It’s in order. As I said before, we now owe you money because you actually paid too much. 30,73 € to be precise.

It will be used for the next bill. :slight_smile:

You may check you myVOO account. Everything should be green now.:blush:

@Lionel S  - thank you very much indeed. I have checked myVOO and it is all in order. 

Kind regards