3 weeks no access internet

Please see my consumption internet, 3 weeks no possible to access my internet, 0 byte consumed 3 weeks, despites 100 GB monthly contract.

I paid for each month bills to VOO, for not benefiting at all 100 GB or even single 1 byte .

Must be problem of VOO modem.
Please help and fix internet access.

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Hi @stevenl,

We'll investigate and come back to you with a solution as soon as possible 🙂
Now I have only internet access at the library within his opening hours, to be able to read your messages.

Hoping your technician will come this week.(and who can speak English)
Voo official responded me,
"we find that the signal we send to your home is bad."

I like to know
-what this means,
-and what are the causes.

Neither ethernet and wifi cannot connect entire 24/7
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Hi @stevenl

Each modem receives and sends a signal that passes through our network. This signal must be between minimum and maximum values. It has been detected that the signal going through your modem does not enter these conditions. That's why a technician will come to your home. 🙂