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ven. 23 déc. 2016 11:01

Cost of Wi-Free ?

I'm not sure about the cost of Wi-Free. On your website, you say that 'Wi-Free is free of charge. No supplementary subscription required.' on this page But on Telenet website, they say 'Your Wi-Free consumption is included in your monthly internet volume.' on, which suggest the Wi-Free is not really free. Maybe I understand your words in a wrong way, but I want to know is the consumption is included in my monthly internet volume or not. Thank you !


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First, sorry for my English :8

The cost of the wi-free is indeed free of charge but depending of witch formule you have.

If you have a unlimited formule (Wahoo or Tatoo) there is no problem; but if you have a todoo there is a limitation (100 Go for internet only or 200 Go in a pack); So if you use more than your autorised volume you need to pay the exeded volume (but it is the same if you use this volume with your home connection).

I hope you can understan my poor English.
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In other words, the Wi-Free consumption is added to the amount of data you consumed on your local routeur.
The total is then compared to whatever you are entitled to (unlimited with Wahoo or Tatoo, or 100 GB or 200 GB with Todoo) and in the latter case (Todoo), you'll have to pay the extra GB.
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