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ven. 29 mai 2020 14:50

DUO !!!

48 hours elapsed and you did not reply. You are billing me incorrectly. I NEVER had TRIO. I do not have sim card for mobile phone! Why are you billing me for a sim card? I was on DUO since March. Kindly amend the bills as soon as possible. This is a serious allegation.

Also, with immediate effect remove my TV subscription. I want SOLO light. I am switching to Proximus on 09 June. You are very unprofessional to send me wrong bills.


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il y a 4 mois

Perfect. VOO = WORST SERVICE + WORST CUSTOMER CARE. I will take a photo and upload this on my website because VOO does not even reply! And they do not care about the customer. They just want money! hahaha ridiculous service. Never ever trust VOO. Never ever use VOO.

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il y a 3 mois

Hello @bjocas ,

Despite the various exchanges on our other communication channels, I notice that you have not followed the procedures explained, I cannot force you to do so.

However, if one day you change your mind, we remain available to welcome you.

Have a good day.

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There is no procedure to explain. I tell you that I do not have a sim card and you send me a bill for a TRIO. How can I have a TRIO? I do not have a sim card. You never sent it. Then you tell me that you will give me 20 euro discount every month and yet you send me a bill which does not include the 20 euro discount per month. Do not worry, all the conversations were printed and sent to the ombudsman, because 1. you did not understand my complaint. 2. you continued stating that I have a sim card. 3. You failed to adhere to the contract. 4. I am now with Proximus. 5. See you in court as I am not paying the extra money that you are stating. As I stated all the text has been printed and sent to the ombudsman as you failed to adhere to the contract. I DO not have a sim card!


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good luck with Proximus.