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mar. 6 déc. 2016 12:43

Why does my final bill assume a later end of contract date?

I moved abroad at the end of September. I sent my demand for stopping my contract at the end of September. I was asked to provide evidence of moving abroad so I sent to Voo the contract of my new accommodation abroad on the 4th of October. I have received my final bill which charges me up to the 24th of October, which I don't understand. When I was arranging the end of the contract it was impossible to find someone speaking English on the phone. Since I received my bill, I have been trying to fill the contact form asking for explanation but I always get a technical error.

Does anyone understand why should I pay until the 24th of October when you have received all documents on the 4th of October and the demand was made at the end of September?


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il y a 4 ans

Hello Eleni,

I take care of you in your other subject that deals with the same request and I just answered you by private message.

Regards :)

Ancien Officiel VOO