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jeu. 26 janv. 2017 11:24

Where can I return my equipment?

I am moving abroad, I filled out the cancellation form online but it says I won't get a response for 48 hours. I fly back early next week. Where can I return my equipment and what are the hours? I live in Ixelles 1050. Thanks


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il y a 4 ans

To report your material you must first receive a VOO document (I'm afraid it will take several days / weeks)

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il y a 4 ans


You leave Belgium next week ?

Maybe it will be interesting to contact a "Voo expert" in private message to ask if it is possible to give back your material without the document, or peraps you may ask to somebody who stay in Belgium to give back your material when you have the document.

Sorry for my English, there is long time ago i leave the school :8
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il y a 4 ans

Hi severhart1,

Xena-7 gave you the list of the shops near you. You can return the equipment.

I forward your request to the appropriate department. One of our collaborators will come back to you with more information :)

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