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ven. 27 déc. 2019 14:07

VOOcorder problem


I have a problem with my VOOcorder: it gives no more picture, only green/purple (see screenshot).


I have already switched it off and on again (also for longer time), but it still doesn't work.

What to do now? Can it be repaired or do I need a new VOOcorder?

Thanks in advance!




Lionel S

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il y a 4 mois

Hi @PA9A,

Sorry about that, I’m still trying to deal whith the incredible amount of topics we’re late on.

I’ve dealt with the exchange. The new VOOcorder should be available in Aubel at the end of tomorrow afternoon.

To thank you for your incredible patience, and because no one disserve to wait that long for a fix, I gave you a 10 € discount on your next bill.

An email will be sent to give you the details of the swap. But in short : put your VOOcorder in a box with its smartcard and remote, and exchange it with the new one.


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