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dim. 13 mars 2016 19:58

The internet speed is very unstable. What to do?


I am your customer since 10/03/2016. I have the plan "WAHOO" however the internet is very unstable.
Today it stopped for short periods for several times. When the speed is good the internet is pretty fast and I am happy with it. I have been testing many times the speed.
The best I got is 60Mbit/s download:

However often the internet is pretty bad and it lasts this way for half an hour or more.

Sometimes the speed is even less than 1Mbit/s.

All the tests are done from my laptop not changing my position or downloading anything at the same moment.
The peak hours of usage don't make a difference, because I also very slow internet speed at 03:30 A.M. yesterday.

Can you tell me what can I do? I am pretty sure this is not a normal thing.
When the technician came to install the internet here at first he had very slow connection. He supposed that the router is defective changed it and after that the connection was fast. However it is possible that the first router wasn't defective after all.

Thanks in advance!


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il y a 4 ans

Today I already tried switching from Channel 11 to Auto. Now I see this in the FAQ:

Trying channel 12 seems to magically fix the issue. Will need to test a few more times however to be sure.



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il y a 4 ans

Hi Stooge,

Have you done these speedtests in WiFi or with an ethernet cable ?

You can make more tests in the next few days and if it's not solved, we'll find a solution :)
Valar Morghulis



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il y a 4 ans

Hey Stooge,

Changing the wifi channel was the right thing to do. Choosing the best wifi channel on the router helps to reduce interference and improve the signal. BTW, there are freeware tools available to help identify the least congested wifi channel in your area.

If you have a chance, you should also test your Internet connection with the laptop directly connected to the router with an Ethernet cable. It will eliminate the wifi instability and gives you the real bandwidth.

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il y a 4 ans

The speed seems stable and I don't have many problems with disconnects anymore, thanks a lot!