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mer. 27 sept. 2017 13:59

Problems with payment VOOmobile

I am considering a cancellation of my services because I paid my VOO Mobile bill in August but the money was never sent to my account. I have been into the store 5 times now and my bill is still messed up. I haven't paid the September bill yet until they fix the August bill. Now, they shut off my phones and told me that if I pay September's bill it will take 4 days to reactivate the phones. So why am I being punished for something that is not my fault??? Bad business.


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il y a 3 ans

Hi jeffbruno87,

When you where at VOO store earlier today, did you received all the information in order not to lose your number ?

Your 106.68€ payment is well received but the bank has not indicated a "structurated communication". It is a system used in Belgium that allows us to easily find your payment and associate it with the invoice concerned.

Since the bank didn't make this manipulation, our billing department will make it manually but it will take a little time. our apologies for this misunderstanding and the momentary suspension of your services.

Ancien Officiel VOO