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mer. 20 nov. 2019 16:40

No response to my online order

Hello. I submitted my online order on Nov 7 (so 2 weeks ago) for Internet wahoo pack. Order # 107253734301, with request to call back about the appointment time, unfortunately, as of today I still have not received any call back about the installation time, and, considering that the offer I applied for is no longer available in your webpage, dont want to submit a new one. I tried 2x calling customer service, but as they did not speak English, they promised to call back - still no call. Also submitted online question to Sales, but they only answered (a week afterwards), that my question has been forwarded. Could you please advise when any response could be expected (Internet needed ASAP), considering this is the last communication way I can try, or should I just move on to other service providers? Thank you.





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il y a un an

Hello @Valérie P auriez-vous le temps de regarder ça ?

EN: I ask that an Official(VOO employee) look at this post

Thanks :)

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Valérie P

Officiel VOO


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il y a un an

Hi @Evelina could you please give me more information by private message ?

  • complete name
  • complete adress
  • email adress
  • phone number


Thank a lot, I will do my best to investigate.