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dim. 14 août 2016 15:43

my MYVOO is not working

i created a new account for MYVOO, they send me a link in mail i clicked on that then they send me another mail that my account is activated, but when i try to connect on MYVOO they always says your user name or password is not correct, i changed my password but still same problem, if anybody can help me out,





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il y a 4 ans

Hi !

This situation is pretty strange, especially if you changed your password as asked in the email you received.
I checked your myVOO account and it is rightly linked with the email address you mentionned... So I've forwarded your file to the service that manage those cases.
I'll get back to you when I have more informations.

For your information, I took the liberty to move your topic in the "International" part of the Forum and to delete your email address from your message regarding that it is a confidential information :)
Valar Morghulis