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sam. 15 avr. 2017 14:38

My internet is not working since I changed to the Wahoo contract

Dear all

I had the Pack trio contract for almost 3 years and everything worked perfectly fine. However, since 2 weeks ago, I changed to Wahoo and suddenly my internet is no longer working, even though both in my phone and in my computer appears that I am connected.

I tried to restart the modem but still not work. I saw that one of the cables is connected both to the modem and the telephone, and since we do not have telephone anymore included, maybe this is the reason? Hence, when I had the operator on the phone, he did not inform me that this was going to happen so I am not sure.

I would appreciate if someone could help me, even though my request is in english :)

Many thanks

PS.: i am available on the phone 00324xxxxxxxx


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il y a 4 ans

Hi Cristina,

You modem is offline since Thursday... which explains why you have no longer an internet connection !
We might have to send a technician a your place to fix it.

One of our colleague will get back to you as soon as possible about that :)
Valar Morghulis

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il y a 4 ans

I Cristina,

I don't think a "voo" expert will be able to help you before Tuesday (Easter week end).

During the change of subscription, have they modified something at your installation ? Does your new subscription work early or never ?
if not, i think it's probably a bug with the activation.

If your internet work propery at the begining of your new subscription, it is now maybe a problem whith the network.

Are the modem led "on" ?

I don't think that de cable of the phone can block your connexion but il you don't have the phone anymore you can simply unplug it.

Sorry for my (school) English ;)
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