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mar. 7 août 2018 10:28

Cancellation & moving abroad


I would like to cancel my Voo subscription. When I call 078/50 50 50 your colleagues tell me in English that they don't speak English. So may be you can help me here.

I need to cancel my subscription and return back in 2 days. Is it possible for you to send the Voo cancellation document online and I can return the equipment as soon as possible?

Thank you.



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il y a 2 ans


I thing that 2 days will be short for canceling all your services.
Generaly the cancelation is effective the 1st of the next month.

One official voo team will probably help you but the need to know your Customer number, if it is not yet donne, put it in your profile.

(sorry for my school English, there is long time ago :rolling_eyes:)
N'étant qu'un simple client, je ne parle jamais au nom de Voo

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il y a 2 ans

Thank you, I hope they can help..

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il y a 2 ans

Hi Dgbrussels001,

Thank you for your comment. We will see what we can do for you and your cancellation. We come back to you very soon via private message.
why so serious ?